Our Team

We are a team of Waccamaw Siouan Tribal Members in STEM careers and supporters who are giving back to the community by providing STEM opportunities to the tribal youth, educating parents and connecting them to resources.

Our Members

We maintain a core group of members who provide ongoing support for STEM Studio.  We form committees based on the skill and need to develop and deliver a specific program to the community.  For example, we developed a financial committee to build Native American Financial Literacy Curriculum (Wampum Talks) and provided it to the community.  We not only identify current members to support our efforts but identify potential new members who would be interested in supporting a specific need.  We value everyone's time, talent, and treasures within our program. 

Ashley Lomboy, BS

Program Director

Coty Sutherland, BS

Technology Manager

Johnathan Graham, BS

Operations Manager

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Our growing membership


Caitlyn Mitchell, BS

Domonique Mitchell, BS

Dr. Deidra Blanks

Dr. Anson Blanks

Raeanna Locklear, BS

Eric Graham, BS

April Patrick, BS


Daniel Patrick, MSE and owner of Achuti LLC 

Emily Thompson, BS in Engineering

Shiana Humphrey, BS in Engineering


Cyrus Jacobs, College Student

Ashley Lomboy, BS

Coty Sutherland, BS

Johnathan Graham, BS

Henry Campbell, BS


Daniel Nolan, MSF

Hillary Jacobs, BSF

Tonia Deese, MS

Cheyenne Jacobs, MS

Monica Hughes, MS

Support Team

Brooke Moore, BA (Event Planning Support)

Aretha and Joshua Campbell, Tribal youth instructors

Windy Kennedy, Historian