STEM Competitions

2023 Virtual STEM Competition

" Growing the Village" 

See the "Growing the Village" exhibit on display at the Museum of the Southeastern American Indian, Pembroke, NC  and Lake Waccamaw State Park Visitor Center, Lake Waccamaw, NC

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2023 STEM Competition Details

STEM_2023 Info.pptx

2023 Build Schematics

2022 Virtual STEM Competition  "Build a Wigwam" 

The Waccamaw Siouan Youth were challenged with building a Wigwam replica that could withstand wind, earthquakes, realistic for the times and 100% sustainable.  Our kids crushed the competition and there work created a replica of a Waccamaw Siouan Village site, that is now on exhibit at Town Creek Indian Mound in North Carolina until the end of January 2023. 

Virtual STEM Competition "Build a Wigwam".docx

STEM Competition Guidelines

Free resource to those who want to hold there own Wigwam STEM Competition

What the Youth Learned

Report from the kids of what they learned while building the Wigwams