Yacunne (Fish) Camp

Let's go Fishing!

Fishing is traditional. It is how we have sustained life on this continent for thousands of years, yet in the past 100 years our appetite for this traditional way has declined. For the past two years STEM Studio has hosted a Yacunne Camp that brings together hundreds of community members to reconnect with fishing and bring back traditional ways of spear fishing. The camp is held in the spring in our tribal community and has attracted hundreds of participants and families over the years.

Community Yacunne Fish Camp Coloring Sheet.pdf

Free Coloring Page

In 2022, Domonique Mitchell (Waccamaw Siouan Artist) created a coloring page that depicts a Waccamaw Siouan male spearfishing. The spears where made of hickory and used deer antler tips for a point. Some elders remember when spearfishing was more promonit in our culture as a way of fishing. In the 1950s, there was still accounts of this practice continuing and with much larger bowfin fish we see today.

This is a free coloring page for you to use in continuing to educate about our culture and traditions as Waccamaw Siouan People.

The Yacunne (fish) Camp welcomes friends from our surrounding community to come fish on our traditional lands.