2023 Waccamaw Siouan STEM Day

Happening on the shores of Lake Waccamaw on September 16th, 2023 from 8:30AM to 4PM.  Register to attend the event, participate in the essay competition and volunteer in the links below. We are welcoming 120 Tribal Youth from across Indian Country to this first of its kind event at The Lake Waccamaw State Park in Lake Waccamaw, NC.  We are honoring our Elders with our Elder Lounge, a Virtual Tour around the world, Cyber Hygiene Workshop and a boat Tour of Lake Waccamaw.  The entire family is invited to attend. Registration closed on September 1st. 

STEM Day Event 

Workshops include science, medicine, robotics, wetlands animals, plant life, drones, dugout canoes workshops and many more. You will receive STEM Kits at closing ceremonies of the event. 

We heard you and this year we have added an Elder track to STEM education. We will be teaching how not to get hacked on Facebook and taking you on a trip around the world using virtual reality. We will also take you on a tour of Lake Waccamaw.  We hope you enjoy the event. 

What you need to know! 

Essay Competition 

Submit your 500 Word Essay (prompt is within the registration form link above) and attend STEM Day to be entered into our Scholarship Competition for one of two $500 Scholarships. The deadline is September 4th and its open to all Native Youth. 

 Thank You to the Corning Foundation and Waccamaw STEM Studio for funding $1,000 in scholarships to tribal youth.