WAMPUM Talk Series

A Financial Literacy Course for the Native American Community

It's here! A financial literacy series designed by Waccamaw Siouan STEM Professionals for tribal communities. Wampum is used to tell stories and keep memories; it is also used to affirm relationships and in 1710 was the legal tender for North Carolina as currency between Native Peoples and our surrounding communities.

The STEM Studio Financial Literacy sub-committee has designed programming to raise awareness of our own financial traumas and provide financial education necessary for each season of your life.

Budgeting & Interest Rates

Budget and Interest Rates

Credit Basics.pptx

Money Trauma and Credit Basics

Saving for the Future.pptx

Saving for the Future

Tribal History and Money.pptx

Tribal History and Money

Budget and Interest Rates

Money Trauma and Credit Basics

Saving for the future

Life Insurance